Monitoring an iPhone and iPad Using SpyStealth

Apple markets the iPhones and iPads as the top security gadgets which provide ultimate protection for your personal data and guarantee that your data will be unavailable to any third party. In most cases it is true and spy software is hard to install on iOS without getting access to a target device. I challenged the iOS security with spystealth application which is available at

What is Spystealth?
It is a simple yet effective application which on the target end (it means on the end of a target user) is almost unperceivable and on the user end provides a full-fledged interface tracking all actions of a target user from the phone.
The only problem you will need to cope with is getting physical access to a target phone and performing correct installation. A target user may be notified about being tracked or an app icon can be hidden during installation for a target user to be unaware of being tracked.

Whether to hide the icon or not is your decision. I personally recommend to hide the icon from kids and to warn your employees on being tracked as this may be regarded as intervention into one’s personal life.

What features are available in the application?
Omitting the installation the software performs great. On the target end it does not show any signs of performance or existence, while on the user end it shows you a complete log of actions from iPhone or iPad.
The spystealth application tracks:
– calls and messages, sent and received via standard SMS
– email including gmail messages
– third party messengers – Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Instragram, BBM
– new contacts in the phone
– GPS location tracking
– mobile phone blocking

The software interface is user friendly, though a bit complicated and overburdened from the first sight.
The left panel of the interface shows all the activities as well as a number of updates each event or action has.
On choosing a desired option a new window options showing you the updates. You can easily switch among applications which have got the updates, or view all the updates from all the applications.

Let us take messages to understand how the application works. On opening the tab with new messages, you will see a list of new messages received on and sent from a target phone. You will see a text message, time when the message was received or sent, a contact name with whom a target phone started conversation or get the message from.
All the updates are tracked in real time. You can set the frequency of receiving alerts and a way you would like to receive the notifications. You can receive SMS containing texts of the messages  a target phone sends or receives or containing a link on a location of target phone.

Such a simple experiment proves that iPhones and iPads are rather vulnerable and allow for tracking activity. The spystelath application appears to be a good solution though with certain  cons. For example, the user interface being too complicated and burdened with options you will never use. The next embarrassing thing about the application is frequency of getting notifications. If you do not change the frequency or you spy a very active phone user, then you will get notifications way to often.

Spystealth is not the only application I tried to spy iPhones. Among its pros there are the scope of options and functions it provides. Be sure, it is hard to find an application tracking as much of personal data as this application.
From the other hand the app has only a paid version. It will be better to provide a limited, but free one.

Why You Should Use Cell Phone Tracking

Hi, friends!

Today we are discussing on of the very sensitive topics of why you should use cell phone tracking. Any relations should base upon trust and confidence. But we live in the world of great temptations and cell phones engage people in various risks. Let us talk a bit on cell phone evolution.

How mobile phones have changed?

For the last decades the phones have evolved into full fledged digital devices providing internet access, bank account management tools, messengers and email on the tip of your fingers. Having a smartphone in your pocket you can be sure you stay connected to the world. You can keep in touch with your friends and colleagues, you can read news, call and accept calls, send and get messages using SMS service or any messenger.

The cores of smartphones have become powerful enough to process big data, so a phone is now a perfect source of leaking information.

Even the cheapest smartphones now support GPS technologies allowing for exact detection of any device.

Where are the risks?

Check your smartphone and see how much of sensitive personal information is stored in your device. Just imagine that those who will steal your phone will be able to get access to all your bank accounts, to your private information you exchange via email or messengers as well as to social networks (many business go social, thus your phone may provide access to personal accounts, groups and pages you administer).

A smartphone using innovative technologies and simple messengers can make digital copies of secret documents of your business and leak the information to your prime competitors to give them commercial advantage, provide them secret information on technologies and methods of production or else.

A simple smartphone can become of the greatest financial risk for your business. There are two possible ways to solve the problem and to protect your business from data theft and leakage:

  • Forbidding using personal smartphones in your office, installing security cameras and providing company cell phones which are connected to a tracking computer.
  • Installation of a simple application to personal smartphones. I recommend this one: And surely I recommend the second way of managing the problem.

There are three evident reasons to use applications instead of integration of a complex system.

  1. Using an application is much cheaper than buying enterprise mobile phones.
  2. The only fact that you will install a spying application on the phones of your employees will restrict them even in thinking about data leakage.
  3. Security cameras and  banning of usage of personal cell phones are weaker methods of restrictions.

Moreover, the application which I recommend does not only track data sent and received through the cell phones. The application provides all logs, email contacts and actions, it tracks all the messengers installed and detects GPS location and many more. The application tracks target phones in real time and sends alert messages right in the moment a private channel of exchanging information is used. Though security cameras also provide real time tracking, but they are not able to detect potential risks and send alerts.

Spying cell phones in your family

Cell phone spying is needed not only in your business or for protection of your private data when your phone is stolen.

You can trust your kid or your spouse, but you can not trust the people they interact day after day, moreover the smartphones offer tempting ways of completely private communication with minimal risks of the chats being intercepted.

Kids on the web are at the highest potential risk of getting cyberbullied. While your spouse may continue love affair while lying in bed near you.

Spying on cell phone is a perfect solution for you to prevent cheating, cyberbullying and keep your child from drags, alcohol and getting into affairs with street gangs. With the app you will simply track the location of your family members with a click.

As the mobile spying app tracks data and sends alerts in real time you will be able to timely respond to an upcoming trouble to take necessary preventive actions.

How to Catch Cheating Spouses

Unfortunately, the reality is that not each couple can boast of confidence in their relationships. If you suspect your partner in cheating, you can easily solve this problem and find out the truths by dint of mobile spy apps.

Nowadays there is no need to spend plenty of time on tracking. Furthermore, you are not obliged to hire a detective – just install mobile spy apps on the smart phone of your partner and within several minutes, you will see everything for yourself. Probably this is wasted worrying, but when you don’t know something, this ‘unknowing’ brings more problems than the truth.

All you need is to take the phone of your partner and install the application there. You will spend only several minutes, therefore your spouse will never know about it. Generally, the price of such apps is not high. However, the result surpasses your expectations.

Having installed this app on a targeted phone, you will be offered an opportunity to spy on spouse’s messages, incoming and outgoing calls, activities in the social networks like Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp or Viber. You can see with whom your partner communicates and how long. Furthermore, if all phone activities are not interesting for you, you can easily select specific data and it will be sent to your email at any time.

Due to LIVE Control Panel you have a chance to view all activities that update every 90 seconds. This is very convenient because in such a way, you will be the first person who will know the truth.

The major part of such apps allow you to lock the mobile device remotely. Probably this feature is more useful when parents spy on their kids, however for you it may also come in handy.

Besides, due to such applications you will always know where your partner is. This capability is available due to the option ‘Instant GPS Locations’. The most recent places your partner visits will be shown on a map and you will see whether your spouse really goes to the gym or has a date with a lover. The application sends you a message with a location of your partner.

As you see, tracking spouses is very easy. If this issue kindles your interest, just obtain and install SpyStealth (one of the best and cross-functional spy app) on the smart device of your partner and start spying on. This app will record all mobile activities of a person and will send you a detailed report to your account. This app is the leading one as compared to its competitors. Emails, text messages, social networks, Gmail, call history – all these will be available for viewing.

Nowadays there is no need to pretend that you don’t know anything. Just install this app on your partner’s device and if your guesswork is confirmed, don’t live with a person who doesn’t respect you.