Monitoring an iPhone and iPad Using SpyStealth

Apple markets the iPhones and iPads as the top security gadgets which provide ultimate protection for your personal data and guarantee that your data will be unavailable to any third party. In most cases it is true and spy software is hard to install on iOS without getting access to a target device. I challenged the iOS security with spystealth application which is available at

What is Spystealth?
It is a simple yet effective application which on the target end (it means on the end of a target user) is almost unperceivable and on the user end provides a full-fledged interface tracking all actions of a target user from the phone.
The only problem you will need to cope with is getting physical access to a target phone and performing correct installation. A target user may be notified about being tracked or an app icon can be hidden during installation for a target user to be unaware of being tracked.

Whether to hide the icon or not is your decision. I personally recommend to hide the icon from kids and to warn your employees on being tracked as this may be regarded as intervention into one’s personal life.

What features are available in the application?
Omitting the installation the software performs great. On the target end it does not show any signs of performance or existence, while on the user end it shows you a complete log of actions from iPhone or iPad.
The spystealth application tracks:
– calls and messages, sent and received via standard SMS
– email including gmail messages
– third party messengers – Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Instragram, BBM
– new contacts in the phone
– GPS location tracking
– mobile phone blocking

The software interface is user friendly, though a bit complicated and overburdened from the first sight.
The left panel of the interface shows all the activities as well as a number of updates each event or action has.
On choosing a desired option a new window options showing you the updates. You can easily switch among applications which have got the updates, or view all the updates from all the applications.

Let us take messages to understand how the application works. On opening the tab with new messages, you will see a list of new messages received on and sent from a target phone. You will see a text message, time when the message was received or sent, a contact name with whom a target phone started conversation or get the message from.
All the updates are tracked in real time. You can set the frequency of receiving alerts and a way you would like to receive the notifications. You can receive SMS containing texts of the messages  a target phone sends or receives or containing a link on a location of target phone.

Such a simple experiment proves that iPhones and iPads are rather vulnerable and allow for tracking activity. The spystelath application appears to be a good solution though with certain  cons. For example, the user interface being too complicated and burdened with options you will never use. The next embarrassing thing about the application is frequency of getting notifications. If you do not change the frequency or you spy a very active phone user, then you will get notifications way to often.

Spystealth is not the only application I tried to spy iPhones. Among its pros there are the scope of options and functions it provides. Be sure, it is hard to find an application tracking as much of personal data as this application.
From the other hand the app has only a paid version. It will be better to provide a limited, but free one.